Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy Birthday to Emma Walker today!!! Ya got to love those great March birthdays!! And as Nacho Libre says, "It's the beeeest!"
Some of us are feeling better, but I think I'm on the decline. Just like December when Alanna and James got sick, I followed suit a few days after they started to get better. Nothing serious though. Just a lot of sore throats and messed up noses. You can see a little of James' runny nose in some of these pictures. But over all, we aren't too bad.
Alanna and I are still working out school. Grad school for Alanna is looking more and more appetizing. She may even go on to get her doctorate if that is viable. We are praying for a good report from my applications and that we will get into school and it will be where the Lord would like us. Anyone who could include us in their prayers at this critical time in our lives, we would be extremely grateful.
Andy and Serenity Migel will hopefully have and addition to their family this week. We look forward to news on this exciting time for them. Serenity gave Nigel a camera for his birthday on the 25th so hopefully there are plenty of great pictures!
These pictures were taken just as James is everyday. He can pull himself up and today he even looked at the stairs today like, "I think I'll go after you next!" I caught him before he got to serious. Now that we have unpacked most of our camera things, we should have plenty of upcoming pictures and videos!


Karen C. Holt said...

Cute, cute baby! Thank you for the new pictures! It is good to see that James is still a happy baby--what a smile! We'll keep you in our prayers and put your name on the temple rolls. Love you! Karen/MOM

Hannah said...

HOLY COW!! Hiram! You still call him Nigel. I think that poor guy will have that nickname for the rest of his life. hahahah!
Also, your little dude is SO darling. I can't decide who he looks more like. He has Alanna's eyes, that is for sure... but I think you have a good mix of genes here! I loved the video.

Jenn said...

wow, he's really all over isn't he.

We'll be sure to keep you all in our prayers. Where are you guys staying these days?


Badillo Family said...

what an adorable nephew I have! love the pictures, keep em coming! sorry you are sick! We will keep you in our prayers and hope the acceptances will start coming in!

Rachel said...

He is adorable!! Isn't it so much fun to watch them grow up and see what they accomplish each day. You are extremely lucky to be able to be home with him-you may not have that opportunity with you others. Enjoy the moments!!