Sunday, December 5, 2010


Some of you know and some don't that I am the compassionate service leader for our ward. Its a calling where the heat is on or you are just sailing through. Saturday morning the heat was on and I was scrambling to find some sisters to help with a funeral dinner and another sister whose husband fell off a roof so badly he might loose his legs. After I finished one round of calls I looked over at James who politely told me "oh no! a mess!" I looked over at my living room to find an entire jar of melted wax from my Yankee candle pored over the ottoman. If I hadn't just finished making phone calls to help for a funeral and a man about to loose his leg, I might have been pretty upset. However, with the proper perspective I was able to think of a few things I was thankful for instead.

1. James and Joey weren't burned by the wax and I am not sure how that worked.

2. The candle was yellow and my furniture is tan.

3. I was able to get it out of the carpet.

4. I bought the protection plan on the furniture when we got it. (Which every mother of young ones should do if purchasing new furniture!)

5. The ottoman will probably always have a lovely peach mango smell to it.
The pictures are from after I scrapped as much off as I could.

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