Monday, July 2, 2012

Hippo Farts

Sometimes I feel like no matter what I do the house will never BE clean.  I suppose if I stayed up all night and cleaned every single spot and crevice I would feel I finally did it.  However I would need to sleep in and the next day my boys would do what my boys do best and I would be back to where I started.  Saturday morning started off great! Absolutly amazing! We slept in till 9:30. Woah! We woke up to Joe walking in our room wanting to show us his wet wipes.  We quickly realized that he just placed them on our bed of freshly washed white sheets and they were smeared with poop! I felt like he pulled one of these on me! 

We spent the next 30 minutes cleaning our living room of Joey's mess then got ready to tackle the rest of our day. It was lovely!


Karen C. Holt said...

Thanks for the laugh!

bylaw said...

What you witnessed there was the way Hippos mark their territory. When bull hippos fight, they often try to bite the tail of the other hippo off so it can no longer mark territory by flinging poo. Maybe Joey was just marking his territory. :)