Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fall Festival

We went to the Fall Festival hosted at IU North Hospital on Saturday. It was fun to spend the afternoon with Ginny, the Horstmans, the Humes, and the Heads. 

Austin and Tyler were well dressed in their trooper Halloween costumes.

We started out in the bounce house after we got our pumpkins.

Cadence was Joey's special buddy.  She has always been to kind and caring with him and was careful to help him stay with the rest of the kids

 It was fun to watch Misha line up the kiddos and have them walk in a single line from activity to activity.  She did a great job of keeping us all together.

The karate booth was surprisingly super fun.  The kids got to break boards and spar with some karate kids. After they broke their board they got to keep them.

Joey was IN LOVE with his board.

It was so great to have Grand Ginny with us.  We are glad she could come join us for the fun.

The pony rides were also very fun.  A few of the kids even had their pony neigh very loudly during their ride.

Then we all went to the firetruck to sit in the driver seat and climb through the cabin.

The inside passenger area looks a lot more intense than I would have guessed.  Firefighters have some serious equipment even for their seats.

Misha really did a great job.  She had the kids to various movements and kept their attention as we moved along.  It kept the stress down for us adults and the kids happy to be entertained.

At the very end the kids got some airbrush tatoos.  James got a red bat with green sparkles and Joey got a blue airplane.  I did my best to convince them that they actually wanted a really cool looking shark but they had preferences of their own.  At church the next day they after to have their shirt sleeves rolled up so they could show all their buddies. It was very cute. We had a great time.

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