Sunday, January 27, 2013

Picture Update

Our sweet baby girl is growing nicely and everyone in the family loves her more every day.  Joey has become our chief photographer and his genuine smile brightens every room.

 James just loves her to pieces and can't seem to ever get close enough! 
 She sits snug as a bug in her car seat.  She travels very well for the most part and enjoys being lulled to sleep by a moving car. As long as its moving she is happy.
 Her sweet little toes! Sorry its a bit out of focus.  She didn't listen when I asked her to stop wiggling.
 I am pretty sure the only way I am going to tell these two apart in their baby pictures will be eye color and clothing color. James didn't wear pink very often.
 This picture is unique because usually anytime Hiram puts her face close to his she starts smiling and giggling because his whiskers are ticklish on her soft baby skin.
I might have a filtered eye but I am pretty sure she is almost always smiling. 
(That is when she isn't telling me its time to eat.)

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