Monday, January 6, 2014


We gave both boys this tie.  James' tie is a regular tie that Hiram has to tie. (I refuse to learn) We bought Lindsay a beautiful Easter dress too. Why isn't there a picture here? Because she did what babies to best and she threw me for a loop.  Hiram was the executive secretary for our Bishop and was at church early for meetings and to find a couple people to say the prayers.  This left me to get all the kids ready on my own and do my best to be on time. I sorely lost this battle on a weekly basis but always managed to get it together enough to make it well before the sacrament was passed.  On Easter morning I was doing pretty well until I started to grab Lindsay out of her car seat.  It was a mess EVERYWHERE! It was so terrible I quickly took the boys into the chapel and dumped them Hiram while I help baby girl at arms length all the way to the mothers room. I spend the next 10 minutes frantically doing my best to make her presentable enough for me to slip into the chapel with enough time to take the sacrament. After it was over I had to dash home with all her clothes that I had just hand washed in the sick in a plastic bag to grab a new dress for her to wear at church. So, after all that she was in her brand new beautiful Easter dress for a whopping 7 minutes.  Hardly enough time for a glamour shot. Oh well, we will have many more years of new Easter dresses to take pictures of.

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