Sunday, January 5, 2014


Last winter we got pink eye 3 times. The worst of it was the first round but I don't think my eyes have recovered yet. Joey had the very worst of it all.  The down side to huge beautiful eyes is when they are infected they create a huge ugly mess.  Poor guy.  I wiped and cleaned his eyes and they wept so much that all the skin around his eyes was chapped and dry.  I was constantly spraying lysol, wiping with clorox, and cleaning our hands to the point of insanity. I was determined to keep Lindsay healthy.  At the peak of puffiness Hiram gave us blessings. After Joey's blessing I broke down and sobbed.  I knew the next day he would be clear. The next morning when I woke him up his eyes were once again bright and clear.  I broke down again and thanked Heavenly Father to healing my sweet little boy and his big eyes.

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