Monday, November 17, 2008

Another Week Down

Hooray for holidays! We have been getting in the Christmas Spirit around here. Amy (my sister) came this weekend and that means fun with the boys and crafty stuff around the house. Dad and I put up Christmas lights yesterday while the ladies and boys made window decorations for the two big windows upstairs. We still have a little paint to clean off the stools, but it was fun to see Sam and Will painting on the counter tops. Jimmie even had some laughs come out as Alanna helped him chase the Sadlers around the kitchen. He is growing so much that we feel his little squeaking laughs will turn in to full blown guffaws before long. As for now we get sporadic little squeaks.

Christmas music was even put in the CD player, which surprised me to be quite entertaining. It has been a couple of years since I was home for Christmas, and thinking that this may be my last for a while makes me want to soak it up this time around.

We are heading to Seattle and Portland for thanksgiving. Alex (Alanna's Brother) is in the Navy and is stationed away from family for both holidays and we have been missing him a lot. We thought we would see him after I took the LSAT on the 6th of December, but the dates just weren't right, so we are heading up for Thanksgiving! We will see Grandma Ella where we will get some pictures with James' Great Grandma, and maybe see my Uncle James. But all in all, it will be a good road trip, and we'll be able to spread out two long car trips; one to Seattle and another to Indianapolis next month.

As for an LSAT update, the time is getting closer, and my scores are getting better. Saturday I took a practice test on campus and scored my highest, 168! but halfway through taking it I realized I had already taken that test. It was a good review. When I take a test, it is hard to get through it all, so there was sections I hadn't seen before. I'm happy with it. I know its inflated, but it still gives me encouragement.

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Rachel said...

The blog looks great!! I love to read about all your exciting news and seeing you cute pics. I just love you guys and wish you were closer.