Monday, November 24, 2008

Short term plans settled

So we have our holiday plans settled. Tuesday we are leaving for Seattle and will stay with one of my (Alanna) mission buddies. I was one of her bridesmaids when she got married about 2 years ago. Then on Wednesday morning we will go to the base and get ALEX!!! We are so excited to see him. He even said that he can give us a tour of his ship so we can see where he sleeps, eats, and works! It will be a blast so be on a real cruiser! Then we will go down to Portland to spend some time visiting with Hiram's grandma Holt. While we are there we plan on staying with Hiram's uncle James.
As far as long term plans are concerned we need to wait to see how well Hiram does on the LSAT. How well he does will determine where he goes to law school which wil determine where we live. We would love to move in down the street from Biz and Ginny but we will see. We should start to see that far out a little more clearly a few weeks after Hiram takes the LSAT on December 6th.

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