Monday, November 10, 2008

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This past week has not been such a healthy one for our family. Kind of a bummer week, (and anyone understanding my families stomach issues knows what I mean). Last Saturday, the 1st, Alanna had a rough day, and I had a rough night. I came home after sacrament and rested the remainder of the day. The week was just a couple of sore stomachs for both of us. We figured it was from the greasy KFC we had Friday night before our treat filled Halloween party. But when Friday night came around again, I was out for the count. I ended up sleeping a little in the bathroom, and it wasn't till today that I was feeling up to par. I even lost a wii golf game to dad I was feeling so poorly :)

But not feeling the best didn't stop us from having a good time at church and inviting a couple from the ward over for dinner. There are so many new people, that we figured that if we just invited people over for a meal that we'd get to know more of the new commers. Alanna and I have a calling where we are to update the pictures in the ward directory. So we go around teasing the older people that they need to get their pictures updated because they look so much younger (or older for our closer friends) than the one in the directory. Some pictures are so outdated that a few pictures that have kids in them are married and have kids of their own. It is slow but it is a different type of calling and definitely fun.

Tonight though, Alanna was giving James a bath and I was able to catch a little bit of her "splish splash lullabies" she sings to keep him entertained. Hopefully I can get the video uploaded for you all.

Oh, and Dave and Melissa had their handsome baby boy on Thursday! Congrats to them and Way to go Melissa. Great work.


Sarah and Trent Buehler said...

Hey Guys! Long time no see...We're excited to be your blogging buddies! How are you doing? We really missed the annual Hiram Halloween party this year!

Jenn said...

Hey there all! Here is the link to my blog and i'm going to add you too - hope that's ok!