Sunday, November 2, 2008


Welcome everyone to our new family blog. Alanna, James and I are excited to share memories and moments of our lives with you.

This last weekend we had our Halloween Party at the house. It was simpler than we've had in the past, but we still had a good time. Becca gave us some great ideas and we had fun with the great friends that came. Dave and Melissa Geddes are expecting any day and we were pleased they could make it. Andy and Serenity Migel were here from Lehi and it was wonderful to spend some time with good friends.

In our slideshow there is a couple of pictures of James in the Halloween outfit Becca gave him at the baby shower.


Badillo Family said...

I am so HAPPY that you started a blog! I don't feel so far away when I can see pictures of my adorable nephew! Miss you guys heaps! Love you!

Rachel said...

Yay!! Good job on getting started. Jessi is the pro and I have called her many times and she has been amazing. I love all the pictures. He is adorable!!