Sunday, May 31, 2009

How's your reading

So a couple of weeks ago, Alanna and I took this picture and sent it to some of our family. Its pretty fuzzy, but it tests you on your squinting abilities :)

Yes we are pregnant! Super excited and excitedly surprised! Looks like we'll add another Holt name sometime in January. I just can't wait to find out its gender and see Alanna's belly grow'n. She's not nearly as excited for that as I am. Tonight we gave her a blessing. She's already started to feel the exhaustion she felt when she was pregnant with James. Its good she has a three day weekend with her current summer schedule. It gives her time to rest from the 40+ hours she puts in Mon-Thurs on campus. I think we are both hoping for another boy. That way they each have a friend their age.

Work is going alright for me. Its a little slower than I'd like, but I think I'm managing the office as best as I can under the circumstances. We just lost one of my favorite techs who is going to another office where there is more work available. he said he liked working with us and wouldn't mind doing it again with me next year. That's good to know that even though we part, we are still on terms. I did have a chance to stop by the Indianapolis Speedway Museum while working in the area. A big guy like me doesn't fit in easily with these race cars.

Alanna is taking a heavy load in course work right now. She is doing her first summer block. Its only 7 credits, but Multivariate calculus and vector calculus squeezed into 6 weeks instead of the regular 17 weeks is quite the "cram session". Every summer class covers the same material as 3 regular fall/winter classes. She's a trooper and is trying to finish as much as she can before baby comes.

James has two teeth and almost has 4. the top two are killing him right now, and he slept most of today. With it being Sunday, we decided to make it a family even and we all jumped into the king size bed, we spent the afternoon there. He stands on his own and even took two little baby steps alone on Thursday. It wasn't enough to call it "walking" but he is sure getting close.

Chaka (the chocolate lab that lives with us) had her surgery last week. She was spayed and also had a skin tag on her belly removed. She seems so happy to be home she acts a little younger. She hops up the stairs instead of crawling and even hops into her chair next to me in our room instead of easing her way into it like she did before.

Tonight the 4 of us went on a couple mile walk around the neighborhood we live in. There are a lot of homes for sale and we wondered how much they were going for. It doesn't seem the ailing economy has dropped home prices here much. Stuff is still selling for over $200k. We aren't even close to being in that kind of market. I know prices around here are a lot lower than elsewhere in the country too.

As for me and school . . . well, we turned down acceptance hoping that I'd get into the school that we really wanted. It turns out that they I only got wait listed by IUPUI and William and Mary (which is a really good school). If either one accepts me (no matter how last minute) I'd drive out and attend. Right now, I've applied for a para-legal program here in Indianapolis at IUPUI. It will be something I can add to my resume showing I'm still actively seeking a career in law even though I didn't start school when I wanted.

Here are some pictures of James. I know that's why anyone comes to the blog so I won't hold out any longer. Love you all!

He didn't actualy drink. We thought it would be fun to give grandma holt a heart attack! :)

James' first OREO!

James getting ready for the shower!

James talking to Daddy on the phone!


Sarah and Trent Buehler said...

Congratulations!! That is so exciting!!

Badillo Family said...

Love to see you update this blog every once in a blue moon! Love the pictures! So glad you posted pictures of my nephew that I still have never seen! Miss you guys! Are you coming for the reunion?

Cheryl Martinsen said...

Congrats! I am so excited for you guys. Giving my "Headue" a big hug for me... she is a trooper. Good luck with everything.
(Sister Marlatt)

Dave and Melissa Geddes said...

Thanks for the update and congratulations! Alana is such a trooper. We will pray that everything works out for you guys. It can be worrisome looking into the unknown, but everything will work out. James is so stinkin cute! Maybe we'll see you guys for one of the holidays in Rexburg this year. Good luck and tell Alana I think she's amazing!

Hannah said...

He is ADORABLE! I am so glad that you finally posted something! I have been waiting for this since the birthday post.

ALANNA!!! Congrats!

Irene M. said...

Congratulations! Please, say to Alanna that I love her so much and that I'm really happy for you guys. Love, Irene (Sister Montoya)

Rachel said...

Yay!! I love to hear all about your happenings. And of course see your adorable little man. Thanks for the update!! We sure miss you guys!

Who's Your Paddy? said...

CONGRATS HEAD!!!!! This is the first time I have been to you blog. Prepare to be blog-stalked!


Mrs. Black said...

Congrats you guys! Oh and can I just say that James is a stud? ADOREABLE! I hope all is well with you. We miss you guys!