Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Place of our Own and Birthday Week Fun!

We have finally decided on where to live this fall. We looked and looked at houses thinking that Alanna would take an additional year to graduate due to the baby and would be in Indiana long enough to make it worth our while. She thought that it would be way too difficult to have a baby in the middle of her last semester of school which will be 12 credit hours of Senior and graduate math classes as well as her Senior Capstone project. However, after lots of prayer, fasting, and careful consideration on both our parts she decided to plan on going for the GOLD!!! and is going to give her best effort to graduate next spring. WHAT A WOMAN I MARRIED. I told her I would stay home and take care of the kids and this way we can go anywhere for law school I want without worrying about her finishing her undergrad. So with only 10 months until she graduates we decided to get an apartment instead and found a nice one in our current ward boundaries. We are both excited and relieved to be the in the same ward for 17 months straight! Alanna hasn't been in the same ward for over a year since she graduated from high school. We really like the ward and enjoy our callings as well.

We had a fantastic week for James birthday on July 23. We took him swimming, he played with his cousins, and went to Chuck-E-Cheese. In the subsequent weeks we have gone to Kings Island, which is very similar to Lagoon except a quite a bit bigger and has a nickelodean themed kids area with rides after shows like spongebob-squarepants. Alanna and James also took a trip to the Indiana beach. I didn't get to go but Alanna has been telling me how fantastic it is and how similar it is to Florida. Since I couldn't go with her and James she took a lot of pictures to entice me to join them next time. James loved the water and ate a hearty helping of sand which stuck to his face. He had a fantastic time with his sand toys we gave him for his birthday. Kings Island was also very fun. There aren't very many rides that are James size but the ones we took him on he loved! Enjoy the pics of our little one on the Merry-Go-Round. In addition to the thrill rides the three of us visited the water park as well. James splashed in the zero entry pool and played in the water jets. He even got a face full of water a few times that didn't slow him down a beat. I really enjoyed going round the lazy river as a family. We even found a tube built for two we all floated in together. James loves to stare at people and he had a medley of faces to look at. I guess when you are one year old people don't mind if you stare them down. After the water park we had some dinner and he had some super wiggles. We let him walk anywhere he wanted to go and we just followed him. He received compliment after compliment on how cute he is and how his teeter todder walk added to their adoration. He still hasn't adjusted to the extra weight from walking with shoes.

As for me I am driving all over Indiana fixing security systems and tweaking our customer's systems that have recently been installed. Our sales crew has been all over the place looking for good markets to sell in and as a result I am driving to all those places to keep their customers happy. I can't complain much though because I like the guys I work with and its a good job. This fall I anticipate I will still be running an office which could be in Indiana or somewhere else. As always I won't know exactly where until shortly before I leave. Alanna is supportive of my efforts to provide for the family and wishes me the best in my efforts.

ohhh, and as quick side notes...

I lost my wallet at King's Island. We were holding out that I lost it on a ride, but lost and found hasn't turned up anything.

We will find out our baby's gender in september


Jenn said...

congrats on everything and GOOD LUCK!

Mrs. Black said...

We're glad to hear everything is going so well! Alana is a warrior! Way to go! Give us a call the next time you are in the 'burg. We miss you guys!

-Shannon & Daren

Lindsay said...

yes you do marry an amazing woman!!! NO DOUBT ABOUT THAT!

Rachel said...

What a nice post. Lost of good information. Good luck to Alanna!! That is awesome that she will continue and be done sooo soon. We sure miss you guys!!