Wednesday, December 15, 2010

James in the Box

This morning the boys and I were watching an episode of Little Einsteins.  The next thing I knew I was having this dream where the boys had pink yogert all over their faces and as they ran around the living room they were smearing it all over the place.  I was pleased to wake up and see my furniture unscathed.  To those of you about to petition to have my Mother of the Year award revoked because I fell asleep for 2 minutes I say if Cam Newton can get the Heisman I am keeping my Mother of the Year.  Perhaps that dream is the reason I went off on Hiram when he wanted to eat dinner in the livingroom tonight.  Maybe not. 

Here are some pictures of bedtime reading.  Also, James is in a cute new stage where he tries to fit into small spaces.  So far he has fit into the bookcase, my dresser, and the toybox.  I just wish I was small enough to fit in my clothes!


Karen C. Holt said...

We love the pictures of all your boys--including the biggest kid of them all. The smiles on their faces and the sparkles in their eyes say you deserve that Mother of the Year award. Have you got a Christmas tree? Or do you dare with so many busy hands?!

Alanna said...

We haven't dared with our little boy hands around. We are putting one up tonight though.