Saturday, December 11, 2010

Tough Couple Days for a Tough Little Guy

Sorry I haven't posted in the past few days. Joey, the poor dear, has needed some extra attention. He started vomiting a few days ago and I am not sure if he has kicked it yet. He has been drinking Gatorade slow and steady for the past 3 days but anytime I try to give him his formula it comes right back up. Last night I thought he was finally better but at 1am he was in the tub where I cleaned about 8 oz of milk from off his head. He was exhausted but couldn't sleep and just wanted to be held so he and I rocked in the chair until his eyelids were eventually too heavy to keep open. When Hiram came home from his late night study he changed Joey's linens and we put him back to bed. He had a hard time sleeping which I am sure is because he was sick and hungry at the same time.

So today he got a few oz of Gaterade every hour or so and kept it all down. I put him to bed extra early as well. At the end of the day he seemed to be recovering but we are going to keep him home from church tomorrow just incase.For the most part James has been a good boy and has played on his own for the times when I would need to take care of Joey. He mostly would read his books and play with his cars. He loves his cars! However there was one morning while Joey was snuggled in my arms that James found a black sharpie in my desk. I am grateful that instead of using it to put a personal touch on my furniture or carpet he decided that his toes needed a bit of color. Not a bad job really.
Tonight after Joey went to bed, James and I had fun spending time together. We made chocolate milk (James had fun doing the stiring), played with shapes and colors, practiced counting, then watched a movie. Eventually I paused the tv and looked over at what I thought was a sleepy James and asked him if he wanted to go to bed. I didn't get a response so I asked "Do you want to read some books?" UP HE BOUNCED and said "YES" and grabbed a collection of his favorites off the shelf. We read them to Hiram as he drove home from studying tonight. When I knew Hiram was close to pulling up the drive I asked if he wanted to hug daddy. He grabbed the phone out of my hand and gave it a big long hug. Then a minute later Hiram came in the door and gave James a hug back.

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