Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday is a Day of Rest

After today I am fairly certain Joey is better. His smiles and giggles have stayed up while keeping his milk down. Hiram enjoyed a relaxing day at church with just James. It was refreshing for him to sit in his classes without a wiggler. Joey and I stayed home and watched the snow fall. Its nice to have at least one day a week that we can spend together. It recharges me for the week ahead. Tomorrow is Hiram's last exam. After that we have our evenings together again for approx a month. It will be wonderful to eat together with my husband again.


Hiram said...

Wow! Do I have a beautiful family or what?! Especially a beautiful wife!

Lindsay Koelling said...

Ditto to that Hiram! Your wife it HOTT!!! And your kids are adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

We miss you guys!! all your pictures are so cute!! Addisen was excited to see the pics too! :) i hope everyone gets better! hope you have a wonderful holiday season!!