Monday, January 17, 2011


We celebrated Joey's 1st birthday on Friday night and Saturday.  Friday night my sister's kids came over to spend the night.  James and Joey love every minute they are here.  All the boys play together with the trains and other toys.  James even made it through the night with the other boys. 

 In the morning we enjoyed waffles.  Then we baked cupcakes.  After they were frosted the boys were given the chance to put on the sprinkles.  They weren't as interested in putting the sprinkles on the cupcakes and they were with putting them in their mouths.  In the end the boys each had their own little bowl of just sprinkles to eat.  What fun!

Then we all went to Cool Creek Park to do some sledding.  The hills aren't intensely fast but we wanted to make sure Joey would be able to go down and have fun.  We were there about 75 minutes when Joey had enough and went over to Grandma's to warm up and get the soup ready for everyone else. 

 A few minutes after we got there everyone else returned from sledding.  We had fun, ate, blew out candles, and after Joey was cleaned up we played some more.  It was fun for Joey to share a birthday party with his grandma.  It couldn't have have been a better day!  .

After all was said and done the little man was a bit more sleepy than usual.


Lindsay Koelling said...

Whoa. What good parents you are for letting your little guy DIVE IN to that cake. That is awesome.

Rachel said...

Happy Birthday, Joey!! So glad you knew what to do with your cake!!