Sunday, January 30, 2011

New Well and Reflection

Last week a new well was put in for our house.  It was fun for Joey and James to watch the drill in the driveway.  They watched for hours!  The water is fantastic!  We are thankful for the improvement.  

In the last two weeks Hiram and I have had several opportunities for refection and meditation.  The Indianapolis Temple location was announced and is being built only 5 miles away from where we live.  It is fantastic!  Our stake president asked us a year ago to index 1000 names in 2010 and we got to 1.3 million.  This year he has asked us to get 25 names temple ready.  I am excited to push myself again and learn how to get it done!  

Also this week I spent a considerable amount of effort and time organizing a funeral dinner for 125 people.  It was for a good man in our ward.  Most people on the north side of Indy knew him or his children and they were all very well love.  I was baffled at how quickly and earnestly the sisters in my ward and the surrounding wards responding to my plea for help.  I sent out one email and I had more sisters contact me than I had need for.  Hiram took the day off from work and sang in a choir for the funeral.  I was very moved during the service and shed many tears for my friends.  I also couldn't help but think of how I will miss my own parents and Hiram's parents when they move on as well.  I guess I hadn't given it too much thought before.  I would rather they didn't have to move on without me but I suppose that is the way our Heavenly Father designed it to be.  It is good that we have opportunities to remember the plan of salvation and we weren't all born or all die at the same time.

Saturday Hiram and I left at 6am and went to the Louisville temple.  We didn't get home until 5pm.  It was a long and wonderful day.  We even did a bit of shopping after we had some lunch.  We bought some pants and a very handsome sweater for Joey.  He wore it to church today and was a stud!  Hiram and I love our boys!

Oh and a bit of learned wisdom from the week.... Even if you love jello and want some later, your shirt pocket doesn't make a good storage container.


Karen C. Holt said...

The shot of two future engineers watching the drill is precious! It really shows their sizes and their brotherly camaraderie.

Amy Sadler said...
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Amy Sadler said...

My boys used to watch from the window when the cement trucks would come. That only lasted for a short time, because soon enough they wanted to be inside the cement truck with their uncle. Now their contentment only comes when they are out working with their dad. Enjoy the window phase while it lasts!

Rachel said...

I just love the pictures! When Jake was in the hospital we would sit and eat lunch and watch the large cranes. Livi just loved to watch it haul the large items. I love it when they get enjoyment out of such a little thing.

Chelsa said...

Hey Sista! Can't believe how big your boys are. They are so cute! How exciting that the temple is going to be so close to you! Hope you and your family are well.