Sunday, October 23, 2011

James' First Dentist Visit

All week James and I have been getting ready for him to visit the dentist for the first time.  We watched lots of you tube videos of other kids going to the dentist and I even had him sit in the chair while I counted his teeth with a crazy silly straw.  For an example of the straw you can visit the post on Chocolate Milk.  It all paid off when we went in.  He was a little hesitant at first especially when we got to our exam room and he saw all the tool. I called them tickle tools and he liked that.  When we started to walk to the chair he got scared and said "No mommy, your turn, you do it!"  I reassured him that I was going to go first and he could watch the whole time.  Wow did he watch! I am pretty sure that he wasn't less than 2 inches from my mouth the whole time.  The hygienist was very kind and reassured me that if he fell on me she would have the tool out of there really quick.  Thankfully he didn't fall. When it was James turn he sat down in the fun up and down chair and opened his mouth real wide and was ready for his turn with the tickle tools.  The hygienist put some blue medical gloves on his hands and he didn't move an inch for the next 15 minutes.  He was cavity free and picked out a toy and new tooth brush.  After all was done he loved going to the dentist and we talked about our experience the whole way home.  When we got home we walking into a changed living room.  Hiram and Joey flipped the couches on end and butted them together for the framework of an elaborate fort.  James wasted no time and made his way in there with his dad and brother. Joey showed James the ropes and they played in there while Hiram and I took care of some Saturday chores and projects. What a fun day we had!

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Lindsay Koelling said...

Oh my gosh! You are the cutest and best mom ever! I would have never thought to go to such great length for a dentist visit! I am glad you are setting the ground work for me, so I can just copy everything you do!