Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Flying a Kite

Yesterday we went over to my mom and dad's house to play outside on their trampoline.  While we were there we had fun stacking some wood next to their back door so that grandma could enjoy a few nice fires once the weather turns against us.  It was relaxing to sit on their deck and soak in the warm sun while enjoying a gentle breeze from swinging on the porch swing.  As we were leaving I grabbed some accessories to my mom's carpet cleaner (surprisingly kids get carpets dirty pretty quick!).  While I was in the closet looking for attachments I found a lonely kite sitting on a shelf just begging to be used.  I knew the boys hadn't played with one before and it was another reason to play outside so after asking if we could borrow it we tossed it in the car and headed home.  The boys fell asleep on the way so I pulled out the kite and played just by myself for a while.  It was fun and reminded me of blustery spring days in Chicago when my mom would buy us all $1 kites from eagle.  They were always broken, stuck in a tree, or lost within the day. I guess we should have listened to mom when she told us every year that it was too windy.

Once the boys woke up it took some convincing that kites were cool and fun but once they saw it my way we had loads of fun. It wasn't windy enough in our backyard to keep the kite up for very long so I told James to run across the lawn with it and that seemed to be enough for him.  Thanks mom and dad for letting me use you kite yesterday.  I promise not to break this one.

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