Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fall Fun

Tonight James is asleep, Hiram is reading books with Joe, and I am looking forward to another update.  I enjoy updating the blog because I feel like I get to linger in my children's childhood a little longer. We have had great fun this fall.  We have had a few very cold days but for the most part we have had some miraculous weather which I hope keeps coming back. We have been raking lots and lots of leaves.  While Hiram was in the yard raking on Friday he found a nest.  I grabbed two eggs from the fridge and the boys were in heaven holding a nest full of eggs.  When they were done we chucked the eggs over the fence. At first when we started raking leaves a few weeks ago they were afraid of the leaves but soon they realized how fun they are and every pile we raked was jumped in at least a few times.  Hiram even raked a pile to slide into the end of the slide.


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Karen C. Holt said...

Your pictures and words make us feel we are there, frolicking in the leaves with our grandsons. Thank you!