Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fire Across the Street

On Thursday night Hiram and I were up talking when Hiram saw an orange glow coming from the window.  He shouted one of our neighbors house across the street was on fire.  We ran outside and over to the house to see if we could help in any way.  The family was already out and the police were there.  It was surreal to watch the fire grow bigger and bigger without a fire truck there.  Our neighbors directly across the street were told to leave their house in case it spread.  They drove down the street with their little girls.  I walked down there to invite them to stay with us until they could go back to their house that night.  I was glad they accepted.  Then we went to the father of the family whose house was on fire and asked what they needed for the night.  They were staying with their friends across the street that night and their immediate needs were met.  The next day I went down there and asked them what they needed.  Hiram collected donations from his coworkers and my mom came by with a donation as well.  My mom is one of the most charitable people I know.  Over the next few days Hiram and I collected items and have been working to help that family come to some normalcy.  Of all the things we gave them what helped the most I think was work clothes for the father and grandpa so they could go back to laying concrete for their jobs.  The money we raise was more than enough for new coats, boots, socks, and gloves.  Now they are able to go back to work and help build their household again. Thank goodness everyone was alright! It felt good to help in our way.

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Karen C. Holt said...

So glad to hear your neighbor family is safe and rebuilding their lives.