Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Daddy took us to a Ball Game.

Seventh inning stretch.  (love the couple photobomb kissing in the background!)
Hiram called me yesterday and asked if I wanted to go to a baseball game.  He received an emphatic YES! It was a blast and the boys made it through the whole game!  It helped that it was dollar night for popcorn and cracker jacks and one of the players looked over from the dugout to give the boys their very own baseballs.  Thanks go to Hiram's coworker Debbie for the tickets.  It really was a special night for our family.

The players' dugout was right next to our seats.  We were in the front row.  One of the players looked over and saw our two little boys, gave a wave, then disapperared for a few seconds only to return with the coolest best balls my boys have ever loved!.  They didn't stop playing with them all night.

Hiram helped the boys practice swinging their bats as the pitcher threw the ball.  They loved it.

That gate goes onto the field and those are the rails for the dugout.  Awesome seats!

We even got a few snuggles while the boys watched the game.  It was amazing how into it they were.

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