Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Holt Reunion -Yellowstone

We rolled into Rexburg very late on Wednesday night and woke up early the next day ready to get the party started! Grandpa rented a huge passenger van and we all crammed in there for the relatively short drive up to Yellowstone Park.

 Hiram sat between the boys in the row behind me.  I think those three had a great time together.  I sat in the row in front of them with Jace and Becca.
 I love how this dude perfectly photobombed us!
 Sometimes it smelled funny but all our walks to see the features were a blast.

 If Amy looks a bit put off in this picture its because Hiram had a talent for taking a picture of her while she would take a picture.  I suppose it would be frustrating to have all of your pictures of Hiram with a camera in his face.
James likes to be with kids and have fun running around but also enjoys his alone time.  I think after the car ride he enjoyed sitting by himself with some elbow room for lunch. Plus that stump was just asking for a little boy to sit on it.

 Joe was running around a bit the dust after lunch.  Lucky for him Grandpa was more than willing to be a snuggle buddy until he felt better and was ready to play again.

 James and Joey loved having their own sun glasses during the trip.  They even did a good job of not loosing them.  Their dad... not so much.  We are still looking for where we put his down.
 To conclude our visit to the park Grandpa took us to Old Faithful  First we went inside to get ice cream cones then went outside to the benches to wait for the geyser to go off. The boys look alright in these pictures but were pretty worn out by this point.  Once again I had to help Joe with his ice cream.  It was a tough job but somebody had to do it!

 It was pretty hot there and the sun was beating down on us very strongly.  I thought we would be alright without much sunblock but I was wrong.  Joe's poor head was warm on the way home and he was really fussy.

This was the closet we came to any animals in the park.  Luckily later in the week we went to bear world!
   He slept just a bit in the car but when we got home I ran to the store to get some children's Advil then put him to bed.  He was glad to go down after so much fun and sun. They loved the trip though.

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Michael and Amber said...

Everyone looks so happy!! I like the one where they are all tuckered out - Mikey and Amber