Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The 5 minutes of Fun After Christmas Passed

We had a pretty big storm this past winter.  First there was a layer of ice on the ground about 2 inches think at least and then it snowed.  We seized the moment and put on boots, hats and gloves to give the kids a few minutes reprise from trying to entertain themselves in their winter tomb (although warm and dry) and shoveled all the snow off the ice in the backyard into one HUGE pile in the middle.  It was a lot of snow.  Hiram shoveled out the inside to make a snow cave for James.  They had a good time until James lost a glove and suddenly remembered how cold snow can get!  Hiram was a champ.  He went out there and did this in the early evening instead of settling down and getting some rest.  Building the snow cave reminded us of how much we loved playing in the snow when we were young.  Now all I want is to live in the tropics.  I would rather vacation to the snow than to live in it.

For Valentines Day I had James send out some valentines to friends and family to help him practice writing his name.  If I asked for your address and somehow you never got your card and candy it is sitting on my desk still.  Sorry to the lot of you! However, James did get his practice!

Surprisingly he ate a lot of candy instead of sending it out.  If you got candy you were a lucky one!

Winters in Indiana are neither the worst nor the best.  However to live near family we endure it.  Looking at the bright side, the shorter days make it a lot easier to catch snuggle naps with the boys.  They won't be snugly forever!  Actually, I think Hiram is trying to hibernate in this picture.  He didn't make it but when he woke up he was definitely a BEAR!


Lindsay Koelling said...

Cute cute cute. A perfect little family you have. You are one lucky girl.

Hiram said...

No fair. I'm might be a little grizzly on the face, but not a bear to be around.