Monday, August 29, 2011

Fun in Midway with all the Holts

The rest of the week in Midway was filled with more and more fun. We went up to Brighton to have lunch with Hiram's grandma and grandpa. Hiram was sure to get a picture of Grandpa Jim's hands. After visiting him while I was pregnant we decided to name our James after him because he is one of the hardest workers we know. After lunch we went to Silver Lake for some fishing and hiking. Hiram stayed with James and Grandpa for some fishing with Joey and I walked around the whole lake. I just let Joey run run run! On the way home Joey fell asleep very quickly and James kept saying "mommy look, a tall mountain!" It was sweet.
Karen did a fantastic job planning out each day for us. One of my favorite activities was playing Robin Hood and the King Men. Mostly I liked watching my boys run around in costumes excited to have a legitimate reason to swing a plastic sword. Hiram really got into it as well.
We were all little for at least a little while.

We also climbed up Ensign Peak for one of our activities. Hiram and I especially enjoyed it since that is where he proposed. I have now been up there as a missionary, fiance, wife and mother. That knobby hill has a lot of sweet memories now. I am sure as time continues I will have even more.

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Karen C. Holt said...

Love, love, love the photos! You've captured the fun personalities of each family member. How thoughtful to take a picture of Grandpa's hands!