Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Camping in the Woods Next to the Beach

A couple Sundays ago Hiram told me he wanted to go camping up at Indiana Dunes.  I was ultra excited.  I have been wanting to camp there for years and have brought it up again and again but wasn't going to push it until he said he wanted to go.  I figure it is best to go camping when everyone want to be there.  Camping isn't fun if you don't want to do it.  It is just too much work for that.  We were lucky enough to have grabbed a spot in the reservations only campsite.  Hiram called every 30 minutes on the drive up there to check for cancellations.  As we pulled into the park somebody canceled.  It just so happened to be a spot I stayed at years ago when my dad took me camping as a kids. I told Hiram on the way there that camping at the Dunes is one of my top 3 greatest childhood memories.  I loved it and I am happy to report that Hiram now shares that love.  The although we were in the woods, the ground is sand and the kids were never more than a few feet from a new sandbox.  The beach was sunny, the water warm, and as we left we discovered the concession stand has some fantastic fries!  We finished our first serving before we left the parking lot and decided to turn around and get another order for the drive home. Yum!  One of the big highlight for James and Joey were the wood boats my brother Aaron made for them.  Hiram called him and asked if he could go over to his house and use his woodworking equipment to make the boats for the boys.  By the time Hiram got over after class my brother had cut them out, glued them together, and even started to paint them.  He was nice enough to make 3 boats so Hiram could join in on the fun too.  Those boats will be a Holt family staple for years to come.  Thank you Aaron!    

 The food was great too.  Hiram made dinner Friday night and breakfast Saturday morning.  We had tomato, pepper and mushroom chicken for dinner and then for breakfast he made french toast,strawberry raspberry cobbler, and scrambled eggs.  All over an open fire!  James and Joe got a start on their camp cooking skills as they roasted marshmallows for smores.  Lucky for me James likes to cook the marshmallows and then have me eat them! Yum again! We wish we could have stayed all week!  I am sure in the next year we will!



Karen C. Holt said...

I see Hiram is wearing his Lagoon/Reunion shirt! Is the boat James is holding the one made by Aaron? What a great uncle!

Alanna said...

Yup, my brother made that boat for him. He also made one for Hiram and Joe too.