Monday, November 28, 2011

Chipping Balls with the Chip off the ol' Block

Thanksgiving was very very yummy.  Hiram and I had to take shifts going to the Starnes for dinner.  Joey was sick and we didn't want to spread his runny nose and cough to the rest of the family so Hiram went and ate first then came home and sent me over for my turn to eat.


On Friday Joey slept a lot, which is good.  Hiram helped the family next door go pick up a sofa which left James and me home with an enticing backyard on a 60 degree sunny day.  I went into the garage and pulled out a couple golf clubs and a pocket full of balls.  James was very excited to see the balls.  We put a bucket on the other side of the yard and practiced our chipping.  Eventually I had my fill and we put away the clubs and balls just moments before Hiram came home.  After I told Hiram what we did while he was gone he promptly went into the garage and pulled out his club while I grabbed one for James.  The two of them had a grand time chipping and practicing.  James even got his first golf lesson and I got a reminder of how Hiram is way better at golf than I am.  Good thing I have no problem cheating when we play 18 holes!
It reminded me of Thanksgiving 2007.  It was at the table with Hiram's whole family that we announced we were pregnant.  Hiram had a hard time spitting it out because he is so emotional.  The next day we went golfing at the Rexburg municipal golf course.  Since there was a bit of snow on the ground the course was closed but we went around and played anyway.  It was fun to play with Hiram, his dad, and  his brother-in-laws.

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Karen C. Holt said...

What a fun memory to be reminded of T-day 2007! We don't have any snow but at 40 degrees no one was asking about golf. Jessi arrived home to 84 degrees in Chula Vista.