Sunday, November 20, 2011

Their Eyes Are As Big As Their Bubbly Toes

In this chapter of going to bed adventures I'm highlighting the boys' greatest weapons against me in our going to bed battle.  We've flipped their door handle around so we can lock them in, but the crack between the door and the floor is just large enough for them to mess with me. I just can't resist playing with them when they pop their fingers and toes out from under the door.  Its just irresistible and they know it.  To make the matter worse, if you actually touch one of their lures they giggle uncontrollably and my smile widens.  I must admit they have trapped me there with my face smashed against the ground peeking under their door several times and sometimes for close to an hour.  I love these boys!


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Karen C. Holt said...

Bedtime at the Holt home is so much fun why would any child want to sleep?!